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Smart Manufacturing DIH

Digital Innovation Hub
SMACC operates as a core of the Smart Manufacturing DIH
(Digital Innovation Hub) in Finland.

SMACC operates as a core of the Smart Manufacturing DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) in Finland. Smart Manufacturing DIH is orchestrated by the Technological Research Centre of Finland VTT Ltd.

Smart Manufacturing DIH operates both regionally, nationally and internationally. Our main regional partners are Tampere University, DIMECC, City of Tampere, Business Tampere, Tamlink and Council of Tampere Region. Nationally we work together with e.g. Business Finland and Technology Finland.

Internationally we are linked to several RTOs and institutes and we mostly work together with them in different EU projects.


  • DIGITBrain Digital twins bringing agility and innovation to manufacturing SMEs, by empowering a network of DIHs with an integrated digital platform that enables Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)

  • RobotUnion Acceleration program for manufacturing companies; robotics, digitalization

  • L4MS Open source simulation and planning of factory logistics using mobile robots

  • DIH2 Network of digital innovation hubs: mobile robots and collaboration robots to factories, digitizing manufacturing SMEs

  • MIDIH Digital platform for factories

  • RIMA Robotics for inspection and maintenance

  • Connected Factories Digital platforms for manufacturing industry

  • MuMMER A guiding and entertaining humanoid robot for a shopping mall: co-design and evaluation with consumers and stakeholders

  • TRINITY Robotics for agile production


As a part of DIH, SMACC offers for Finnish companies the access to our domestic and international networks and through those to several different funding opportunities. For other DIH actors and their networks, we offer our competence in the field of smart manufacturing.

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